Anchor bracelet DONI 2 colors - blue


Flagship symbol of the By the Sea collection: the Anchor! The timeless DONI bracelet is a must-have piece of your wardrobe. Declined in a multitude of mix-colors, you will necessarily find yours. This jewel is also available in "mini" version. Our jewels are delivered in a purse branded in the name of the brand.

We recommend you to store your jewels separately from your other jewelry to prevent scratching. Clean your jewelry with a soft damp cloth to remove impurities and any cosmetics residues.

When you wash your hands, remove your rings and / or bracelets: the soap can run into the recessed parts and not be eliminated by a quick rinse, alter the brilliance of your jewelry and / or spoil the leather, textiles or any other material used. For steel jewelry coated with a galvanic treatment, it is necessary to avoid all contact with solvents such as chlorine for example, which can degrade the color of the metal.

In general, do not wear your jewelry to the beach, pool or for sport, to avoid shocks and scratches. Housework or gardening present the same risks.


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